Airbnb: Stop Listing Rentals in West Bank Settlements

Airbnb is coming under criticism for listing vacation rentals in West Bank settlements on their website without identifying their location in the West Bank. In a recent report, Human Rights Watch said businesses should stop operating in West Bank settlements because they violate the rights of Palestinian civilians. Urge Airbnb to stop listing vacation rentals in West Bank settlements on their website, or identify them as being in the West Bank!

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Don't let Congress Sabotage the Historic Iran Deal!

Last September, we secured a major diplomatic victory when Congress upheld the Iran nuclear agreement. The landmark deal is now in full effect and the relationship that it built has facilitated the release of 5 imprisoned Americans and US sailors detained in Iranian waters. But war hawks in Congress aren't giving up. Tell Congress to stop sabotage of the Iran deal! Sign our petition >

Warren: Why I Oppose TPP

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