Rep. Grayson: Press NatSec Nominees to Respect Congressional War Powers

In 2013, Rep. Alan Grayson was a vocal opponent of plans to bomb the Syrian government. Those plans were blocked by bipartisan Congressional opposition, invoking the power of Congress to authorize - or not authorize - the use of military force, according to the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution. Grayson is running for Senate in Florida. If elected he could use his position to compel executive National Security nominees to pledge to respect Congressional authority to authorize or forbid military intervention. Sign to urge Rep. Grayson to pledge be an advocate for Congressional authorization!

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Congress: Protect Honduran Human Rights

The Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act cuts off $18 million in security aid the US sends to Honduras pending an investigation of the deaths of human rights activists, like indigenous activist Berta Caceres who was assassinated on March 2. Sign to urge your Rep. to cosponsor HR 5474.

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Meet a Syrian Refugee

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