Senate: Set New Conditions for Military Aid to Saudi Arabia

The Saudi war in Yemen has already killed thousands of civilians; the UN has said Saudi targeting of civilians in Yemen with air strikes may constitute crimes against humanity. Now Senators Chris Murphy and Rand Paul have introduced legislation to require presidential certification of "good faith" efforts by Saudi Arabia to target terrorist groups, minimize harm to civilians, and facilitate humanitarian assistance before further military aid or sales are approved by Congress. Urge the Senate to cosponsor the Murphy-Paul bill!

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Demand Investigation of Berta Carceres Assassination in Honduras!

Honduras has lost one of its most courageous indigenous leaders, Berta Caceres. She was the General Coordinator of the National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras. Urge Congress to join Sen. Patrick Leahy's call for an independent investigation of her death!
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Warren: Why I Oppose TPP

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